General information

BLAST stands for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool and was developed by Altschul et al. (1990) and significantly improved by Altschul et al. (1997). It is a very fast search algorithm that is used separately for protein or DNA databases. and is best used for sequence searching, rather than for motif searching. Gramene provides BLAST facility for the Grasses. To search other datasets  and access further information on BLAST resources, help document and BLAST 2.0 Release,  please refer to

BLAST methods

The NCBI BLAST family of programs includes:


Running Blast

To run Blast, a query sequence must be supplied by directly pasting the sequence in the text box. The examples of the sequence format are provided below. Select the appropriate blast program and dataset you want to query. Blast will run immediately and provide a summary table of results.


Results Summary

Your BLAST request will run immediately and return results directly to your Web Browser in HTML format. The "Sequence" field will return the Accession numbers of the high scoring hits. The "Description" contains the brief description available from the FASTA format. By selecting the "Details" section it will take you directly to the BLAST alignment of the query sequence with the respective accession (sbjct) from the query database.