Rice Genetics Newsletter, Vol. 10

A Publication of
Rice Genetics Cooperative
December 1993

Table of Contents

  • i. Rice Genetics Cooperative- Office Bearers
  • ii. Address of Office Bearers

  • A. Report of the Coordinating Committee of Rice Genetics Cooperative
    (by M. E. Takahashi and K. J. Lampe), p.5
    Third International Rice Genetics Symposium (by G. S. Khush)

  • B. Report of the Committee on Gene Symbolization, Nomenclature and
    Linkage Groups (by T. Kinoshita)
    I. Registration of new gene symbols, p.7
    II. Naming and symbolization of blast resistance genes, p.11
    III. List of gene symbols supplemented, p.11
    IV. Current linkage maps, p.17
    V. Literature on genic analysis, p.33

  • C. Report of the Committee on Genetic Stocks (by N. Iwata), p.40

  • D. Report of the Committee on Genetic Engineering (Molecular Analysis of
    Rice Genes) (by Ray Wu), p.62

  • E. Research Notes (List of contents on next page), p.65

  • F. Mailing List (Supplement, compiled by A. Hirai and H. I. Oka)
    Address change and correction, p.139
    New members, p.140

  • G. Index (RGN 1-10), p.141
    Editors' Note (by H. I. Oka and G. S. Khush), p.172

  • Announcements

  • Advices to Contributors of Research Notes

    E. Research Notes, List of Contents

  • I. Oryza species, evolution and varietal differentiation

    1. Botanical indices of ploidy levels in some African accessions of Oryza punctata, by C. C. Nwokeocha and J. O. Faluyi, p.65

    2. An enzymatic observation of Yuan-Jiang wild rice in Yunnan, China by P. R. Yuan, K. S. Cheng, Y. X. Lu, H. W. Cai and X. K. Wang, p.65

    3. On the origin of Asian cultivated rice, by Kan-Sheng Cheng, p.66

    4. Rice types at a vestige site of Caoxie Hill in different ancient periods, by Ling-Hua Tang, Dai-Hang Zhuo, Jiang-Si Zuo and Hiroshi Fujiwara, p.67

    5. Is the common wild rice differentiated into Keng Types in China? by Hong-Wei Cai and Xiang-Kun Wang, p.68

    6. Distribution of bacterial blight resistance genes in wild-rice populations of Thailand, by H. Morishima and T. Miyabayashi, p.70

    7. American long-grain rice varieties belong to subspecies japonica, by Y. I. Sato and I. Nakamura, p.72

    8. Classification of Myanmar rice germplasm based on isozyme polymorphism, by A. M. Shatta, B. G. delos Reyes, D. S. Brar and G. S. Khush, p.73

    9. Classification of rice germplasm from Iran through isozyme analysis, by G. A. Nematzadeh and G. S. Khush, p.74

  • II. Genic analysis and linkage

    10. Brittle node, a new marker for chromosome 2, by G. S. Khush and Alma Sanchez, p.75

    11. A gamete eliminator reconfirmed in a Japonica-Indica hybrid, by Yoshio Sano, p.76

    12. A new dominant dwarfing gene in rice, by Hee-Jong Koh and Mun-Hue Heu, p.77

    13. A new gene for resistance to gallmidge in rice variety Abhaya, by M. N. Srivastava, Arvind Kumar, S. K. Shrivastava and R K. Sahu, p.79

    14. A desynaptic gene ds3(t) located on chromosome 7 in rice, by H. Yasui, S. Saiki and N. Iwata, p.80

    15. A gene accelerating the heading of late lines with ef-1 alleles, by Kuo-Hai Tsai, p.83

    16. A new allele of Enp-1 in rice germplasm of Vietnam, by Luu-Ngoc Trinh, B. G. delos Reyes, D. S. Brar and G. S. Khush, p.85

    17. Linkage between z-9 and Pgi-I markers of chromosome 3 in rice, by B. G. delos Reyes, D. S. Brar and G. S. Khush, p.86

    18. Integration of conventinal and RFLP linkage maps in rice, II. Chromosomes 6, 9, 10 and 11, by O. Ideta, A. Yoshimura, T. Matsumoto, H. Tsunematsu, H. Satoh and N. Iwata, p.87

    19. Construction of an RFLP/RAPD linkage map by using recombinant inbred lines, by H. Tsunematsu, H. Hasegawa, S. Yoshimura, A. Yoshimura and N. Iwata, p.89

  • III. Male sterility

    20. Preliminary characterization of fertility-restoring mutants induced from cytoplasmic male-sterile rice, by Yu-Wei Shen, Qi-Hua Cai and Ming-Wei Gao, p.90

    21. Inheritance of a thermosensitive genic male-sterile mutant of Indica rice, by Reena Borkakati and S. S. Virmani, p.92

    22. An RFLP-based genetic analysis of photoperiod sensitive male sterility in rice, by Qi-Fa Zang, B.Z. Shen, S.K. Dai, M.H. Mei, M.A. Saghai Maroof and Z. B. Li, p.94

    23. A new thermosensitive radiation-induced male-sterile rice line, by Yu-Wei Shen, Qi-Hua Cai and Ming-Wei Gao, p.97

  • IV. Variation and gene expression

    24. Genetic analysis of "cybrids" produced by asymmetric fusion between O. rufipogon (cytoplasm donor) and O. sativa (Kitaake, nuclear parent), by Toshiro Kinoshita, Kohichi Mori and Itsuro Takamure, p.99

    25. Genetic analysis of some traits of paddy and upland rices using doubled haploids derived from the F1 plants of Koshihikari x Sensho, by Ikuo Ando, Taiji Yoshida and Naoki Kishimoto, p.102

    26. Use of somaclonal variation to improve aluminium tolerance of rice, and mineral characterization of the tolerance, by Van Sint Jan V. and J. Bouharmont, p.105

    27. A dominant gene controlling accumulation of glucomannan in the cell wall of rice endosperm, by M. Yano, R. Zamorski, A. Saito and N. Shibuya, p.107

    28. Genetics of hull-imposed dormancy in rice seeds, by V. V. Shenoy, p.108

    29. Analysis of seed and maternal genetic effects on milling quality in Indica hybrids, by Chun-Hai Shi and Jun Zhu, p.110

    30. Inheritance of mutant characters induced by gamma-ray irradiation of anther cultures in rice, by Itsuro Takamure, Kohichi Mori and Toshiro Kinoshita, p.111

    31. Plant regenatation from protoplasts of cold tolerant rice varieties, by J. N. Gupta, A. Pattanayak and H. S. Gupta, p.113

  • V. Molecular genetics

    32. Estimation of nuclear DNA content in Oryza by flow cytometry, by Cesar P. Martinez, K. Arumuganathan, H. Kikuchi and E. D. Earle, p.116

    33. Selection of bacterial blight resistant rice plants in the F2 generation via their linkage to molecular markers. M. L. P. Abenes, E. R. Angeles, G. S. Khush and N. Huang, p.120

    34. Localization of a repetitive sequence, (CCCTAAA)\11, at the ends of rice chromosomes, by Mei-Chu Chung, Chii-Nien Ning, Tiyun Wu, Ray Wu and Hsin-Kan Wu, p.123

    35. Isolation and characterization of a telomere-like sequence in rice, by Tiyun Wu, Sandra Zhang, Jinhua Xiao, Hsin-Kan Wu and Ray Wu, p.125

    36. Comparison between PCR-based RFLP and Southern-based RFLP as DNA markers for germplasm classification in rice, by Behzad Ghareyasie, Ning Huang, Gerard Second, John Bennett and Gurdev S. Khush, p.129

    37. Construction of a molecular map of rice and gene mapping using a double haploid population of a cross between Indica and Japonica varieties, by Li-Huang Zhu, Ying Chen, Yun-Bin Xu, Ji-Chen Xu, Hong-Wei Cai and Zhong-Zhuan Ling, p.132

    38. Mapping quantitative trait loci via restriction fragment length polymorphism markers in rice, by Yun-Bi Xu, Zong-Tan Shen, Ji-Chen Xu, Ying Chen and Li-Huang Zhu, p.135