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OMAP Phylogeny

grain_icon  Oryza Species |  Phylogeny |  O. alta |  O. barthii |  O. brachyantha |  O. coarctata |  O. glaberrima |  O. longistaminata |  O. meridionalis |  O. minuta |  O. nivara |  O. officinalis |  O. punctata |  O. ridleyi |  O. rufipogon


Paleogram of the genus Oryza obtained using a Bayesian relaxed-clock approach (Ammiraju et al., 2010). Tree contains representative species from OMAP. Genome type of each species are indicated next to the species. Oryza minuta [BBCC], O. alta [CCDD], O. ridleyi [HHJJ] and O. coarctata [KKLL] are allopolyploid species. Blue boxes reflect the 95% highest posterior density (HPD) interval for the age of the respective nodes. The time scale below the figure indicates the number of million years. The colored lines are error bars on the dates.