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Gramene Copyright Statement

Copyright © 2000-2007 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Cornell University, USA.


The purpose of Gramene is to work in collaboration with others on database software and planning, and to integrate contributions from researchers with publicly available genomic data to make a comprehensive cereal genomic and comparative resource available to the scientific community. The information and software used in the development and building of the Gramene database and web site is available from various sources within the public domain. Permission for reproduction has been given or implied by the researchers/institutes who contributed or published the original materials. However, there may be patents, copyrights or intellectual property rights associated with the original data, and users of the Gramene database contents are solely responsible for compliance with original restrictions and acknowledgement requirements when using original data.

Citing Gramene

Citing Gramene Data

The Gramene database is freely available for download and use as long as Gramene is cited as the source. This includes the tools available at Gramene including but not limited to RiceCyc, CMap Viewer, Gramene Mart and the Genome Browser. When using Gramene or the information derived from Gramene kindly acknowledge the Gramene project by citing the web address and identifying the version of Gramene being used (identified on the Home page) and the date accessed.

For information on linking directly to particular data items, see this document.

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Reporting Errors

Apart from our in-house and/or community wide quality measures that are in place, we request that users who notice inaccurate or missing data to please offer Feedback and inform us so that it can be corrected in a future version.