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Allele data for marker "RM317" from the experiment "Genetic structure and diversity in Oryza sativa L.".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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Nabeshi IRGC8269     RA4909 RM317 161 View all "Nabeshi" genotypes
Iguape Cateto IRGC4122     RA5023 RM317 140 View all "Iguape Cateto" genotypes
Pato De Gallinazo PI392542     RA5363 RM317 140 View all "Pato De Gallinazo" genotypes
Mudgo IRGC6663 indica   RA5282 RM317 153 View all "Mudgo" genotypes
Chahora 144 IRGC27869     RA4934 RM317 140 View all "Chahora 144" genotypes
Chiem Chanh IRGC10214     RA4928 RM317 159 View all "Chiem Chanh" genotypes
Asse Y Pung CIor461 japonica   RA5333 RM317 155 View all "Asse Y Pung" genotypes
Som Cau 70A IRGC8227     RA5021 RM317 153 View all "Som Cau 70A" genotypes
Gotak Gatik IRGC43397 japonica   RA4959 RM317 155 View all "Gotak Gatik" genotypes
IRAT177 GID 58752     RA5348 RM317 140 View all "IRAT177" genotypes
JC92 IRGC9176     RA4923 RM317 153 View all "JC92" genotypes
NPE 253 IRGC38690     RA4942 RM317 140 View all "NPE 253" genotypes
DV85 IRGC8839     RA5323 RM317 159 View all "DV85" genotypes
Carolina Gold IRGC1723     RA4876 RM317 140 View all "Carolina Gold" genotypes
Saturn CIor9540     RA5064 RM317 140 View all "Saturn" genotypes
Short Grain IRGC5075     RA5019 RM317 165 View all "Short Grain" genotypes
Luk Takhar IRGC58286 japonica   RA4977 RM317 140 View all "Luk Takhar" genotypes
Shai-Kuh IRGC8197     RA5034 RM317 155 View all "Shai-Kuh" genotypes
Kamenoo PI403629 japonica   RA4990 RM317 140 View all "Kamenoo" genotypes
Trembese IRGC43675 japonica   RA4988 RM317 165 View all "Trembese" genotypes
Dhala Shaitta PI180060     RA5361 RM317 140 View all "Dhala Shaitta" genotypes
T1 IRGC6294     RA4893 RM317 142 View all "T1" genotypes
NHTA 10 IRGC191     RA4873 RM317 NOT DETECTED View all "NHTA 10" genotypes
Baguamon 14 IRGC6590     RA4896 RM317 153 View all "Baguamon 14" genotypes
Leung Pratew IRGC27762     RA4932 RM317 140 View all "Leung Pratew" genotypes
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