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Allele data for marker "RM287" from the experiment "Genetic structure and diversity in Oryza sativa L.".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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Gharib IRGC32303     RA4937 RM287 99 View all "Gharib" genotypes
Tchampa IRGC32362     RA4938 RM287 103 View all "Tchampa" genotypes
Phudugey IRGC32399     RA4939 RM287 95 View all "Phudugey" genotypes
Yelaik Meedon IRGC33888 japonica   RA4940 RM287 103 View all "Yelaik Meedon" genotypes
Baber IRGC33984     RA4941 RM287 103 View all "Baber" genotypes
NPE 253 IRGC38690     RA4942 RM287 104 View all "NPE 253" genotypes
Pin Tawng IRGC40673     RA4943 RM287 107 View all "Pin Tawng" genotypes
NPE 417 IRGC38692 japonica   RA4944 RM287 104 View all "NPE 417" genotypes
Nep Hoa Vang IRGC40748 japonica   RA4945 RM287 105 View all "Nep Hoa Vang" genotypes
NPE 826 IRGC38694     RA4946 RM287 103 View all "NPE 826" genotypes
ARC 13829 IRGC42469     RA4947 RM287 103 View all "ARC 13829" genotypes
NPE 844 IRGC38698 japonica   RA4948 RM287 103 View all "NPE 844" genotypes
Arang IRGC43322     RA4949 RM287 113 View all "Arang" genotypes
Bico Branco IRGC38994     RA4950 RM287 103 View all "Bico Branco" genotypes
Arias IRGC43325 japonica   RA4951 RM287 103 View all "Arias" genotypes
Firooz PI584569     RA4952 RM287 103 View all "Firooz" genotypes
Cere Air IRGC43369 indica   RA4953 RM287 111 View all "Cere Air" genotypes
Aichi Asahi IRGC40252     RA4954 RM287 105 View all "Aichi Asahi" genotypes
Cicih Beton IRGC43372 japonica   RA4955 RM287 101 View all "Cicih Beton" genotypes
Lal Aman IRGC46202 indica   RA4956 RM287 97 View all "Lal Aman" genotypes
Gogo Lempuk IRGC43394     RA4957 RM287 103 View all "Gogo Lempuk" genotypes
Patnai 23 IRGC46531     RA4958 RM287 97 View all "Patnai 23" genotypes
Gotak Gatik IRGC43397 japonica   RA4959 RM287 103 View all "Gotak Gatik" genotypes
T26 IRGC46768     RA4960 RM287 95, 107 View all "T26" genotypes
RTS14 IRGC8178     RA4961 RM287 101 View all "RTS14" genotypes
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