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Allele data for marker "chr4" from the experiment "'1536 chip' - 1311 SNPs x 395 rice accessions (Zhao et. al, PLoS, 2010; MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Country of


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Padi Pagalong GSOR301264     nsftv274 chr4 View all "Padi Pagalong" genotypes
M. Blatec GSOR301261     nsftv271 chr4 View all "M. Blatec" genotypes
Kitrana 508 GSOR301085     nsftv93 chr4 View all "Kitrana 508" genotypes
WC 6 GSOR301160     nsftv169 chr4 View all "WC 6" genotypes
Aswina GSOR312016     nsftv650 chr4 View all "Aswina" genotypes
IRGA 409 GSOR301067     nsftv74 chr4 View all "IRGA 409" genotypes
IR-44595 GSOR301274     nsftv284 chr4 View all "IR-44595" genotypes
27 GSOR301232     nsftv242 chr4 View all "27" genotypes
WAB 56-104 GSOR301228     nsftv238 chr4 View all "WAB 56-104" genotypes
IR64 GSOR312010     nsftv644 chr4 View all "IR64" genotypes
Shufeng 121-1655 GSOR301407     nsftv623 chr4 View all "Shufeng 121-1655" genotypes
Carolina Gold Sel GSOR301024     nsftv26 chr4 View all "Carolina Gold Sel" genotypes
Shirogane GSOR301352     nsftv365 chr4 View all "Shirogane" genotypes
NSF-TV 27 GSOR301025     nsftv27 chr4 View all "NSF-TV 27" genotypes
Ostiglia GSOR301113     nsftv121 chr4 View all "Ostiglia" genotypes
LD 24 GSOR301288     nsftv298 chr4 View all "LD 24" genotypes
Coarse GSOR301357     nsftv370 chr4 View all "Coarse" genotypes
Habiganj Boro 6 GSOR301334     nsftv344 chr4 View all "Habiganj Boro 6" genotypes
Pate Blanc Mn 1 GSOR301192     nsftv201 chr4 View all "Pate Blanc Mn 1" genotypes
Byakkoku Y 5006 Seln GSOR301019     nsftv21 chr4 View all "Byakkoku Y 5006 Seln" genotypes
DV 123 GSOR301314     nsftv324 chr4 View all "DV 123" genotypes
N 22 GSOR312003     nsftv637 chr4 View all "N 22" genotypes
IITA 135 GSOR301276     nsftv286 chr4 View all "IITA 135" genotypes
Zerawchanica Karatalski GSOR301277     nsftv287 chr4 View all "Zerawchanica Karatalski" genotypes
Baguamon 15 GSOR301382     nsftv11 chr4 View all "Baguamon 15" genotypes
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