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Allele data for marker "chr6" from the experiment "'1536 chip' - 1311 SNPs x 395 rice accessions (Zhao et. al, PLoS, 2010; MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Swarna GSOR312012     nsftv646 chr6 View all "Swarna" genotypes
Rojofotsy 738 GSOR301197     nsftv206 chr6 View all "Rojofotsy 738" genotypes
NSF-TV 160 GSOR301151     nsftv160 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 160" genotypes
NSF-TV 34 GSOR301032     nsftv34 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 34" genotypes
DNJ 140 GSOR301313     nsftv323 chr6 View all "DNJ 140" genotypes
Tainung 67 GSOR312007     nsftv641 chr6 View all "Tainung 67" genotypes
GSOR325 GSOR301366     nsftv381 chr6 View all "GSOR325" genotypes
JC 117 GSOR301344     nsftv356 chr6 View all "JC 117" genotypes
Dragon Eyeball 100 GSOR301412     nsftv631 chr6 View all "Dragon Eyeball 100" genotypes
Vary Vato 462 GSOR301159     nsftv168 chr6 View all "Vary Vato 462" genotypes
JM70 GSOR301187     nsftv196 chr6 View all "JM70" genotypes
NSF-TV 5 GSOR301005     nsftv5 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 5" genotypes
Coppocina GSOR301179     nsftv188 chr6 View all "Coppocina" genotypes
RT0034 GSOR301416     nsftv616 chr6 View all "RT0034" genotypes
WC 6 GSOR301160     nsftv169 chr6 View all "WC 6" genotypes
Agostano GSOR301001     nsftv1 chr6 View all "Agostano" genotypes
Sze Guen Zim GSOR301225     nsftv235 chr6 View all "Sze Guen Zim" genotypes
Sinampaga Selection GSOR301138     nsftv147 chr6 View all "Sinampaga Selection" genotypes
Padi Pagalong GSOR301264     nsftv274 chr6 View all "Padi Pagalong" genotypes
Mudgo GSOR301102     nsftv110 chr6 View all "Mudgo" genotypes
Baldo GSOR301254     nsftv264 chr6 View all "Baldo" genotypes
IR 36 GSOR301064     nsftv71 chr6 View all "IR 36" genotypes
Carolina Gold Sel GSOR301024     nsftv26 chr6 View all "Carolina Gold Sel" genotypes
Pratao GSOR301193     nsftv202 chr6 View all "Pratao" genotypes
Jambu GSOR301068     nsftv75 chr6 View all "Jambu" genotypes
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