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Allele data for marker "chr10" from the experiment "'1536 chip' - 1311 SNPs x 395 rice accessions (Zhao et. al, PLoS, 2010; MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Country of


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Sinaguing GSOR301140     nsftv149 chr10 View all "Sinaguing" genotypes
FR13A GSOR312015     nsftv649 chr10 View all "FR13A" genotypes
Chang Ch'Sang Hsu Tao GSOR301339     nsftv349 chr10 View all "Chang Ch'Sang Hsu Tao" genotypes
9524 GSOR301345     nsftv357 chr10 View all "9524" genotypes
NSF-TV 13 GSOR301012     nsftv13 chr10 View all "NSF-TV 13" genotypes
DJ 123 GSOR301307     nsftv317 chr10 View all "DJ 123" genotypes
Delrex GSOR301181     nsftv190 chr10 View all "Delrex" genotypes
Rosemont GSOR301405     nsftv619 chr10 View all "Rosemont" genotypes
Pate Blanc Mn 1 GSOR301192     nsftv201 chr10 View all "Pate Blanc Mn 1" genotypes
Iguape Cateto GSOR301063     nsftv70 chr10 View all "Iguape Cateto" genotypes
Tam Cau 9A GSOR301150     nsftv159 chr10 View all "Tam Cau 9A" genotypes
IRAT 13 GSOR301186     nsftv195 chr10 View all "IRAT 13" genotypes
Zhenshan 97B GSOR312008     nsftv642 chr10 View all "Zhenshan 97B" genotypes
Khao Pahk Maw GSOR301320     nsftv330 chr10 View all "Khao Pahk Maw" genotypes
Italica Carolina GSOR301278     nsftv288 chr10 View all "Italica Carolina" genotypes
China 1039 GSOR301338     nsftv348 chr10 View all "China 1039" genotypes
Edomen Scented GSOR301350     nsftv363 chr10 View all "Edomen Scented" genotypes
WIR 3039 GSOR301292     nsftv302 chr10 View all "WIR 3039" genotypes
Creole GSOR301337     nsftv347 chr10 View all "Creole" genotypes
Sintane Diofor GSOR301139     nsftv148 chr10 View all "Sintane Diofor" genotypes
Trembese GSOR301156     nsftv165 chr10 View all "Trembese" genotypes
Heukgyeong GSOR301388     nsftv64 chr10 View all "Heukgyeong" genotypes
Haginomae Mochi GSOR301387     nsftv63 chr10 View all "Haginomae Mochi" genotypes
Lady Wright Seln GSOR301377     nsftv394 chr10 View all "Lady Wright Seln" genotypes
MTU9 GSOR301101     nsftv109 chr10 View all "MTU9" genotypes
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