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Allele data for marker "RM147" from the experiment "Genetic structure and diversity in Oryza sativa L.".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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NHTA 10 IRGC191     RA4873 RM147 101 View all "NHTA 10" genotypes
Dourado Agulha IRGC3297     RA4877 RM147 101 View all "Dourado Agulha" genotypes
S4542A3-49B-2B12 CIor9187     RA5046 RM147 101 View all "S4542A3-49B-2B12" genotypes
Dourado Precoce IRGC26011     RA4868 RM147 101 View all "Dourado Precoce" genotypes
Kotobuki Mochi IRGC2545 japonica   RA4882 RM147 101 View all "Kotobuki Mochi" genotypes
DA13 IRGC5857     RA4887 RM147 81, 106 View all "DA13" genotypes
JC148 IRGC9069     RA4914 RM147 91 View all "JC148" genotypes
Jambu IRGC17757 japonica   RA5353 RM147 91, 95 View all "Jambu" genotypes
Champa Tong 54 IRGC30238     RA4936 RM147 95 View all "Champa Tong 54" genotypes
Il Is Air IRGC43400     RA5025 RM147 95 View all "Il Is Air" genotypes
Sintane Diofor IRGC5418     RA4881 RM147 95 View all "Sintane Diofor" genotypes
FR13 A IRGC6144 indica, aus   RA4891 RM147 95 View all "FR13 A" genotypes
Zhe 733 PI629016     RA5127 RM147 95 View all "Zhe 733" genotypes
RTSE5 IRGC8233     RA4919 RM147 95 View all "RTSE5" genotypes
Dee Geo Woo Gen PI279131 indica   RA5344 RM147 95 View all "Dee Geo Woo Gen" genotypes
Bhadoia 233 IRGC6541     IRGC6541 RM147 95 View all "Bhadoia 233" genotypes
O-Luen-Cheung IRGC8179     RA5018 RM147 95 View all "O-Luen-Cheung" genotypes
Som Cau 70A IRGC8227     RA5021 RM147 95 View all "Som Cau 70A" genotypes
JC92 IRGC9176     RA4923 RM147 95 View all "JC92" genotypes
DV85 IRGC8839     RA5323 RM147 95 View all "DV85" genotypes
T1 IRGC6294     RA4893 RM147 95 View all "T1" genotypes
Baguamon 14 IRGC6590     RA4896 RM147 95 View all "Baguamon 14" genotypes
Gie 57 IRGC8231     RA4870 RM147 95 View all "Gie 57" genotypes
Shuang-Chiang IRGC8242     RA4900 RM147 95 View all "Shuang-Chiang" genotypes
Seratoes Hari IRGC8260     RA4904 RM147 95 View all "Seratoes Hari" genotypes
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