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Allele data for marker "RM315" from the experiment "Genetic structure and diversity in Oryza sativa L.".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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Il Is Air IRGC43400     RA5025 RM315 128 View all "Il Is Air" genotypes
Sintane Diofor IRGC5418     RA4881 RM315 128 View all "Sintane Diofor" genotypes
RTSE5 IRGC8233     RA4919 RM315 128 View all "RTSE5" genotypes
Shai-Kuh IRGC8197     RA5034 RM315 128 View all "Shai-Kuh" genotypes
Kalamkati IRGC45975     RA4963 RM315 128 View all "Kalamkati" genotypes
Zhenshan 2 PI602624     RA5318 RM315 128 View all "Zhenshan 2" genotypes
Khao Gaew IRGC24224     RA5033 RM315 128 View all "Khao Gaew" genotypes
BJ1 IRGC45195     RA5345 RM315 128 View all "BJ1" genotypes
Peh-Kuh IRGC8238     RA5012 RM315 128 View all "Peh-Kuh" genotypes
Arang IRGC43322     RA4949 RM315 128 View all "Arang" genotypes
Cere Air IRGC43369 indica   RA4953 RM315 128 View all "Cere Air" genotypes
Ghati Kamma Nangarhar IRGC58278     RA4976 RM315 128 View all "Ghati Kamma Nangarhar" genotypes
Tam Cau-9A IRGC8228     RA5037 RM315 128 View all "Tam Cau-9A" genotypes
ARC 10177 IRGC12386     RA4994 RM315 128 View all "ARC 10177" genotypes
Popot 165 IRGC43545 indica   RA4987 RM315 128 View all "Popot 165" genotypes
ARC 7229 IRGC12331     RA5007 RM315 128 View all "ARC 7229" genotypes
T26 IRGC46768     RA4960 RM315 128, 132 View all "T26" genotypes
Peh-Kuh-Tsao-Tu IRGC8237     RA5009 RM315 128, 132 View all "Peh-Kuh-Tsao-Tu" genotypes
DA13 IRGC5857     RA4887 RM315 128, 135 View all "DA13" genotypes
Cicih Beton IRGC43372 japonica   RA4955 RM315 128, 137 View all "Cicih Beton" genotypes
Champa Tong 54 IRGC30238     RA4936 RM315 130 View all "Champa Tong 54" genotypes
FR13 A IRGC6144 indica, aus   RA4891 RM315 130 View all "FR13 A" genotypes
Bhadoia 233 IRGC6541     IRGC6541 RM315 130 View all "Bhadoia 233" genotypes
Chiem Chanh IRGC10214     RA4928 RM315 130 View all "Chiem Chanh" genotypes
Som Cau 70A IRGC8227     RA5021 RM315 130 View all "Som Cau 70A" genotypes
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