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Allele data for marker "chr6" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Country of


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Kiuki No. 46 GSOR301353     RA6409 chr6 View all "Kiuki No. 46" genotypes
N 22 IRGC1264 Japonica, tropical japonica   RA6271 chr6 View all "N 22" genotypes
Koshihikari GSOR301086     RA6336 chr6 View all "Koshihikari" genotypes
ARC 10376 GSOR301341     RA6399 chr6 View all "ARC 10376" genotypes
Ostiglia GSOR301113     RA6326 chr6 View all "Ostiglia" genotypes
Rondo (4484-1693) GSOR301415     RA7849 chr6 View all "Rondo (4484-1693)" genotypes
Erythroceros Hokkaido GSOR301183     RA6533 chr6 View all "Erythroceros Hokkaido" genotypes
Bul Zo GSOR301177     RA6547 chr6 View all "Bul Zo" genotypes
F.R. 13A PI392602 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6376 chr6 View all "F.R. 13A" genotypes
KU115 GSOR301088     RA6320 chr6 View all "KU115" genotypes
Bengal GSOR301418     RA7837 chr6 View all "Bengal" genotypes
Eh Ia Chiu GSOR301048 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6211 chr6 View all "Eh Ia Chiu" genotypes
Moroberekan GSOR312004     RA7740 chr6 View all "Moroberekan" genotypes
IRAT 13 GSOR301186     RA6539 chr6 View all "IRAT 13" genotypes
Shim Balte GSOR301251     RA6496 chr6 View all "Shim Balte" genotypes
Asse Y Pung GSOR301008     RA6335 chr6 View all "Asse Y Pung" genotypes
9524 GSOR301345     RA6419 chr6 View all "9524" genotypes
DZ78 GSOR301046     RA6331 chr6 View all "DZ78" genotypes
Agostano GSOR301001     RA6349 chr6 View all "Agostano" genotypes
Padi Kasalle GSOR301114     RA6215 chr6 View all "Padi Kasalle" genotypes
Panda GSOR301410     RA7844 chr6 View all "Panda" genotypes
Hsia Chioh Keh Tu GSOR301059     RA6210 chr6 View all "Hsia Chioh Keh Tu" genotypes
Pagaiyahan GSOR301115     RA6281 chr6 View all "Pagaiyahan" genotypes
Cybonnet GSOR301380     RA6194 chr6 View all "Cybonnet" genotypes
Estrela GSOR301227     RA6505 chr6 View all "Estrela" genotypes
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