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Allele data for marker "chr7" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Kun-Min-Tsieh-Hunan GSOR301089 Indica, indica   RA6279 chr7 View all "Kun-Min-Tsieh-Hunan" genotypes
Baldo GSOR301254     RA6491 chr7 View all "Baldo" genotypes
Sigadis GSOR301198     RA6537 chr7 View all "Sigadis" genotypes
Saturn GSOR301131     RA6309 chr7 View all "Saturn" genotypes
Wanica GSOR301364     RA6423 chr7 View all "Wanica" genotypes
Saku GSOR301270     RA6427 chr7 View all "Saku" genotypes
CI 11011 GSOR301372     RA6414 chr7 View all "CI 11011" genotypes
Blue Rose Supreme GSOR301173     RA6543 chr7 View all "Blue Rose Supreme" genotypes
Pappaku GSOR301117     RA6217 chr7 View all "Pappaku" genotypes
Sadu Cho GSOR312002     RA7738 chr7 View all "Sadu Cho" genotypes
DD 62 GSOR301306     RA6572 chr7 View all "DD 62" genotypes
Carolina Gold Sel GSOR301024     RA6346 chr7 View all "Carolina Gold Sel" genotypes
Wells GSOR301161     RA6324 chr7 View all "Wells" genotypes
DJ 24 GSOR301308     RA6582 chr7 View all "DJ 24" genotypes
Jing 185-7 GSOR301414     RA7848 chr7 View all "Jing 185-7" genotypes
BR24 GSOR301303     RA6576 chr7 View all "BR24" genotypes
Carolina Gold GSOR301022     RA6367 chr7 View all "Carolina Gold" genotypes
Hu Lo Tao GSOR301060     RA6216 chr7 View all "Hu Lo Tao" genotypes
TOg 7178 GSOR301283     RA6515 chr7 View all "TOg 7178" genotypes
Maratelli GSOR301253     RA6431 chr7 View all "Maratelli" genotypes
Mehr GSOR301097     RA6257 chr7 View all "Mehr" genotypes
Kihogo GSOR301293     RA6445 chr7 View all "Kihogo" genotypes
Pate Blanc Mn 1 GSOR301192     RA6541 chr7 View all "Pate Blanc Mn 1" genotypes
Hunan Early Dwarf No. 3 GSOR301221     RA6504 chr7 View all "Hunan Early Dwarf No. 3" genotypes
Zhenshan 97B GSOR312008     RA7744 chr7 View all "Zhenshan 97B" genotypes
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