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Allele data for marker "chr11" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Djimoron GSOR301242     RA6447 chr11 View all "Djimoron" genotypes
Hon Chim GSOR301244     RA6449 chr11 View all "Hon Chim" genotypes
Tropical Rice GSOR301233     RA6466 chr11 View all "Tropical Rice" genotypes
Wanica GSOR301364     RA6423 chr11 View all "Wanica" genotypes
Khao Tot Long 227 GSOR301321     RA6581 chr11 View all "Khao Tot Long 227" genotypes
Kalamkati GSOR301074     RA6245 chr11 View all "Kalamkati" genotypes
Suweon GSOR301142     RA6337 chr11 View all "Suweon" genotypes
NSF-TV 107 GSOR301099     RA6248 chr11 View all "NSF-TV 107" genotypes
Koshihikari GSOR301086     RA6336 chr11 View all "Koshihikari" genotypes
Kaw Luyoeng GSOR301078 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6224 chr11 View all "Kaw Luyoeng" genotypes
O-Luen-Cheung GSOR301109     RA6286 chr11 View all "O-Luen-Cheung" genotypes
Sadri Belyi GSOR301212     RA6482 chr11 View all "Sadri Belyi" genotypes
Bombilla GSOR301285 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6429 chr11 View all "Bombilla" genotypes
Gogo Lempuk GSOR301055     RA6239 chr11 View all "Gogo Lempuk" genotypes
Eh Ia Chiu GSOR301048 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6211 chr11 View all "Eh Ia Chiu" genotypes
F.R. 13A PI392602 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6376 chr11 View all "F.R. 13A" genotypes
Phudugey GSOR301122     RA6232 chr11 View all "Phudugey" genotypes
Sigadis GSOR301198     RA6537 chr11 View all "Sigadis" genotypes
Binulawan GSOR301015     RA6199 chr11 View all "Binulawan" genotypes
DK 12 GSOR301309 Indica, aus   RA6589 chr11 View all "DK 12" genotypes
93-11 GSOR301399     RA6193 chr11 View all "93-11" genotypes
Criollo La Fria GSOR301180     RA6546 chr11 View all "Criollo La Fria" genotypes
Toploea 70/76 GSOR301281     RA6468 chr11 View all "Toploea 70/76" genotypes
WC 3397 GSOR301204     RA6529 chr11 View all "WC 3397" genotypes
Tia Bura GSOR301248     RA6516 chr11 View all "Tia Bura" genotypes
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