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Allele data for marker "chr11" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


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Country of


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Boa Vista GSOR301174     RA6548 chr11 View all "Boa Vista" genotypes
Bombilla GSOR301285 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6429 chr11 View all "Bombilla" genotypes
Bombon GSOR301175     RA6552 chr11 View all "Bombon" genotypes
Breviaristata GSOR301361     RA6417 chr11 View all "Breviaristata" genotypes
British Honduras Creole GSOR301176 Japonica, tropical japonica   RA6528 chr11 View all "British Honduras Creole" genotypes
Bul Zo GSOR301177     RA6547 chr11 View all "Bul Zo" genotypes
Bulgare GSOR301240     RA6480 chr11 View all "Bulgare" genotypes
Byakkoku Y 5006 Seln GSOR301019     RA6364 chr11 View all "Byakkoku Y 5006 Seln" genotypes
C1-6-5-3 GSOR301268     RA6432 chr11 View all "C1-6-5-3" genotypes
C101A51 GSOR301420     RA7841 chr11 View all "C101A51" genotypes
C57-5043 GSOR301178     RA6545 chr11 View all "C57-5043" genotypes
CA 902/B/2/1 GSOR301219     RA6451 chr11 View all "CA 902/B/2/1" genotypes
CI 11011 GSOR301372     RA6414 chr11 View all "CI 11011" genotypes
CI 11026 GSOR301373     RA6387 chr11 View all "CI 11026" genotypes
CO18 GSOR301033     RA6207 chr11 View all "CO18" genotypes
CS-M3 GSOR301034 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6306 chr11 View all "CS-M3" genotypes
CTG 1516 GSOR301304     RA6574 chr11 View all "CTG 1516" genotypes
Caawa/Fortuna 6-103-15 GSOR301020     RA6291 chr11 View all "Caawa/Fortuna 6-103-15" genotypes
Canella De Ferro GSOR301021     RA6244 chr11 View all "Canella De Ferro" genotypes
Carolina Gold GSOR301023     GSOR301023 chr11 View all "Carolina Gold" genotypes
Carolina Gold GSOR301022     RA6367 chr11 View all "Carolina Gold" genotypes
Carolina Gold Sel GSOR301024     RA6346 chr11 View all "Carolina Gold Sel" genotypes
Caucasica GSOR301238     RA6481 chr11 View all "Caucasica" genotypes
Cenit GSOR301332     RA6369 chr11 View all "Cenit" genotypes
Chang Ch Sang Hsu Tao GSOR301339 Indica, indica   RA6371 chr11 View all "Chang Ch Sang Hsu Tao" genotypes
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