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Allele data for marker "chr12" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU6 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Shim Balte GSOR301251     RA6496 chr12 View all "Shim Balte" genotypes
F.R. 13A PI392602 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6376 chr12 View all "F.R. 13A" genotypes
CA 902/B/2/1 GSOR301219     RA6451 chr12 View all "CA 902/B/2/1" genotypes
Erythroceros Hokkaido GSOR301183     RA6533 chr12 View all "Erythroceros Hokkaido" genotypes
T 1 GSOR301143     RA6205 chr12 View all "T 1" genotypes
Ta Hung Ku GSOR301145     RA6294 chr12 View all "Ta Hung Ku" genotypes
Dourado Agulha GSOR301043     RA6200 chr12 View all "Dourado Agulha" genotypes
Tainung 67 GSOR312007     RA7743 chr12 View all "Tainung 67" genotypes
IR 8 GSOR301065     RA6356 chr12 View all "IR 8" genotypes
Radin Ebos 33 GSOR301194     RA6551 chr12 View all "Radin Ebos 33" genotypes
NSF-TV 260 GSOR301250     RA6452 chr12 View all "NSF-TV 260" genotypes
Sigadis GSOR301198     RA6537 chr12 View all "Sigadis" genotypes
Shai-Kuh GSOR301133     RA6298 chr12 View all "Shai-Kuh" genotypes
Luk Takhar GSOR301095     RA6255 chr12 View all "Luk Takhar" genotypes
Suweon GSOR301142     RA6337 chr12 View all "Suweon" genotypes
1021 PI163575 Japonica, tropical japonica   RA6525 chr12 View all "1021" genotypes
ZHE 733 GSOR301162     RA6312 chr12 View all "ZHE 733" genotypes
Wanica GSOR301364     RA6423 chr12 View all "Wanica" genotypes
SML 242 GSOR301289     RA6436 chr12 View all "SML 242" genotypes
Tchibanga GSOR301200     RA6536 chr12 View all "Tchibanga" genotypes
Leung Pratew GSOR301094 Indica, indica   RA6225 chr12 View all "Leung Pratew" genotypes
DM 59 GSOR301312     RA6575 chr12 View all "DM 59" genotypes
Tox 782-20-1 GSOR301275     RA6503 chr12 View all "Tox 782-20-1" genotypes
Sultani GSOR301141     RA6347 chr12 View all "Sultani" genotypes
Asse Y Pung GSOR301008     RA6335 chr12 View all "Asse Y Pung" genotypes
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