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Allele data for marker "chr6" from the experiment "RiceDiversity 44K SNP assay, 34 trait GWAS study, Nat Comm Sept 2011. MSU7 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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NPE 835 GSOR301107     RA6220 chr6 View all "NPE 835" genotypes
Chiem Chanh GSOR301028 Indica, indica   RA6221 chr6 View all "Chiem Chanh" genotypes
Dom-sufid GSOR301042 aromatic   RA6222 chr6 View all "Dom-sufid" genotypes
Darmali GSOR301039     RA6223 chr6 View all "Darmali" genotypes
Kaw Luyoeng GSOR301078 Japonica, temperate japonica   RA6224 chr6 View all "Kaw Luyoeng" genotypes
Leung Pratew GSOR301094 Indica, indica   RA6225 chr6 View all "Leung Pratew" genotypes
NSF-TV 13 GSOR301012     RA6226 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 13" genotypes
NSF-TV 27 GSOR301025     RA6227 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 27" genotypes
Gerdeh GSOR301051     RA6228 chr6 View all "Gerdeh" genotypes
NSF-TV 57 GSOR301053     RA6230 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 57" genotypes
NSF-TV 160 GSOR301151     RA6231 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 160" genotypes
Phudugey GSOR301122     RA6232 chr6 View all "Phudugey" genotypes
Baber GSOR301009     RA6233 chr6 View all "Baber" genotypes
NSF-TV 116 GSOR301108     RA6234 chr6 View all "NSF-TV 116" genotypes
Bico Branco GSOR301014     RA6235 chr6 View all "Bico Branco" genotypes
Arias GSOR301007     RA6236 chr6 View all "Arias" genotypes
Firooz GSOR301049     RA6237 chr6 View all "Firooz" genotypes
Gogo Lempuk GSOR301055     RA6239 chr6 View all "Gogo Lempuk" genotypes
Gotak Gatik GSOR301056     RA6241 chr6 View all "Gotak Gatik" genotypes
T26 GSOR301144     RA6242 chr6 View all "T26" genotypes
RTS14 GSOR301128     RA6243 chr6 View all "RTS14" genotypes
Canella De Ferro GSOR301021     RA6244 chr6 View all "Canella De Ferro" genotypes
Kalamkati GSOR301074     RA6245 chr6 View all "Kalamkati" genotypes
Ai-Chiao-Hong GSOR301003     RA6246 chr6 View all "Ai-Chiao-Hong" genotypes
Guan-Yin-Tsan GSOR301057     RA6247 chr6 View all "Guan-Yin-Tsan" genotypes
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