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Allele data for marker "chr3" from the experiment "'1536 chip' - 1311 SNPs x 395 rice accessions (Zhao et. al, PLoS, 2010; MSU7 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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Tropical Rice GSOR301233     nsftv243 chr3 View all "Tropical Rice" genotypes
Francis GSOR301413     nsftv632 chr3 View all "Francis" genotypes
Rojofotsy 738 GSOR301197     nsftv206 chr3 View all "Rojofotsy 738" genotypes
Manzano GSOR301299     nsftv309 chr3 View all "Manzano" genotypes
Dom Zard GSOR301182     nsftv191 chr3 View all "Dom Zard" genotypes
Nira GSOR301368     nsftv385 chr3 View all "Nira" genotypes
Shirogane GSOR301352     nsftv365 chr3 View all "Shirogane" genotypes
Lacrosse GSOR301092     nsftv100 chr3 View all "Lacrosse" genotypes
Aijiaonante GSOR301224     nsftv234 chr3 View all "Aijiaonante" genotypes
IRGA 409 GSOR301067     nsftv74 chr3 View all "IRGA 409" genotypes
Pai Hok Glutinous GSOR301245     nsftv255 chr3 View all "Pai Hok Glutinous" genotypes
Aswina 330 GSOR301302     nsftv312 chr3 View all "Aswina 330" genotypes
Pato De Gallinazo GSOR301119     nsftv128 chr3 View all "Pato De Gallinazo" genotypes
Kaukkyi Ani GSOR301188     nsftv197 chr3 View all "Kaukkyi Ani" genotypes
Gambiaka Sebela GSOR301267     nsftv277 chr3 View all "Gambiaka Sebela" genotypes
Saber GSOR301411     nsftv630 chr3 View all "Saber" genotypes
DV85 GSOR301045     nsftv49 chr3 View all "DV85" genotypes
Amposta GSOR301280     nsftv290 chr3 View all "Amposta" genotypes
Bombon GSOR301175     nsftv184 chr3 View all "Bombon" genotypes
Sadu Cho GSOR312002     nsftv636 chr3 View all "Sadu Cho" genotypes
N 22 GSOR312003     nsftv637 chr3 View all "N 22" genotypes
La 110 GSOR301376     nsftv393 chr3 View all "La 110" genotypes
YRL-1 GSOR301208     nsftv217 chr3 View all "YRL-1" genotypes
Kalubala Vee GSOR301363     nsftv378 chr3 View all "Kalubala Vee" genotypes
Padi Pagalong GSOR301264     nsftv274 chr3 View all "Padi Pagalong" genotypes
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