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Allele data for marker "chr9" from the experiment "'1536 chip' - 1311 SNPs x 395 rice accessions (Zhao et. al, PLoS, 2010; MSU7 coordinates".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Country of


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Early GSOR301421     nsftv627 chr9 View all "Early" genotypes
Coppocina GSOR301179     nsftv188 chr9 View all "Coppocina" genotypes
Minghui 63 GSOR312009     nsftv643 chr9 View all "Minghui 63" genotypes
Jamir GSOR301318     nsftv328 chr9 View all "Jamir" genotypes
ARC 6578 GSOR301169     nsftv178 chr9 View all "ARC 6578" genotypes
NSF-TV 34 GSOR301032     nsftv34 chr9 View all "NSF-TV 34" genotypes
Zhenshan 97B GSOR312008     nsftv642 chr9 View all "Zhenshan 97B" genotypes
Shai-Kuh GSOR301133     nsftv142 chr9 View all "Shai-Kuh" genotypes
Ghati Kamma Nangarhar GSOR301054     nsftv58 chr9 View all "Ghati Kamma Nangarhar" genotypes
583 GSOR301167     nsftv176 chr9 View all "583" genotypes
Peh-Kuh GSOR301120     nsftv129 chr9 View all "Peh-Kuh" genotypes
NSF-TV 89 GSOR301081     nsftv89 chr9 View all "NSF-TV 89" genotypes
Habiganj Boro 6 GSOR301334     nsftv344 chr9 View all "Habiganj Boro 6" genotypes
ECIA76-S89-1 GSOR301231     nsftv241 chr9 View all "ECIA76-S89-1" genotypes
China 1039 GSOR301338     nsftv348 chr9 View all "China 1039" genotypes
Ta Mao Tsao GSOR301146     nsftv155 chr9 View all "Ta Mao Tsao" genotypes
Goria GSOR301317     nsftv327 chr9 View all "Goria" genotypes
Sadri Tor Misri GSOR301249     nsftv259 chr9 View all "Sadri Tor Misri" genotypes
27 GSOR301232     nsftv242 chr9 View all "27" genotypes
Palmyra GSOR301369     nsftv386 chr9 View all "Palmyra" genotypes
Kiuki No. 46 GSOR301353     nsftv366 chr9 View all "Kiuki No. 46" genotypes
Lambayeque 1 GSOR301360     nsftv373 chr9 View all "Lambayeque 1" genotypes
M. Blatec GSOR301261     nsftv271 chr9 View all "M. Blatec" genotypes
Tainan-Iku No. 512 GSOR301365     nsftv380 chr9 View all "Tainan-Iku No. 512" genotypes
Varyla GSOR301263     nsftv273 chr9 View all "Varyla" genotypes
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