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Allele data for marker "RM202" from the experiment "The Population Structure of African Cultivated Rice Oryza glaberrima (Steud.): Evidence for Elavated Levels of Linkage Disequilibrium Caused by Admixture with O. sativa and Ecological Adaptation".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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Dan Maiwuya(6) 5390TOG     5390TOG RM202 162 View all "Dan Maiwuya(6)" genotypes
Ganye(2) 7432TOG     7432TOG RM202 148 View all "Ganye(2)" genotypes
IRGC101836 6218TOG     6218TOG RM202 162 View all "IRGC101836" genotypes
IRGC102308 6354TOG     6354TOG RM202 172 View all "IRGC102308" genotypes
IRGC100136 6197TOG     6197TOG RM202 162 View all "IRGC100136" genotypes
IRGC102251 6292TOG     6292TOG RM202 162 View all "IRGC102251" genotypes
IRGC102284 6330TOG     6330TOG RM202 148 View all "IRGC102284" genotypes
Dan Kakale 5500TOG     5500TOG RM202 166 View all "Dan Kakale" genotypes
Sokpong(6) 5887TOG     5887TOG RM202 150 View all "Sokpong(6)" genotypes
IRGC102215 6251TOG     6251TOG RM202 128 View all "IRGC102215" genotypes
Dan Gande(1) 5482TOG     5482TOG RM202 162 View all "Dan Gande(1)" genotypes
Barta Tazo(7) 5497TOG     5497TOG RM202 162 View all "Barta Tazo(7)" genotypes
Gambiaka n/a     Susan McCouch stock RM202 152 View all "Gambiaka" genotypes
Cg 171-1 7173TOG     7173TOG RM202 162 View all "Cg 171-1" genotypes
IRGC102262 6305TOG     6305TOG RM202 176 View all "IRGC102262" genotypes
Dan Maruya(1) 5402TOG     5402TOG RM202 166 View all "Dan Maruya(1)" genotypes
IRGC102226 6266TOG     6266TOG RM202 170 View all "IRGC102226" genotypes
New Ayoma Local(1) 7401TOG     7401TOG RM202 162 View all "New Ayoma Local(1)" genotypes
IRGC100137 6198TOG     6198TOG RM202 170 View all "IRGC100137" genotypes
IG10 7192TOG     7192TOG RM202 162 View all "IG10" genotypes
IRGC102260 6303TOG     6303TOG RM202 160 View all "IRGC102260" genotypes
IRGC100982 6211TOG     6211TOG RM202 162 View all "IRGC100982" genotypes
IRGC102316 6366TOG     6366TOG RM202 160 View all "IRGC102316" genotypes
IRGC100980 6210TOG     6210TOG RM202 138 View all "IRGC100980" genotypes
IRGC102269 6313TOG     6313TOG RM202 158 View all "IRGC102269" genotypes
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