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Allele data for marker "RM132" from the experiment "The Population Structure of African Cultivated Rice Oryza glaberrima (Steud.): Evidence for Elavated Levels of Linkage Disequilibrium Caused by Admixture with O. sativa and Ecological Adaptation".

E.g., Germplasm "IRGC9542", RA4969, Basmati 1, Marker/locus RM22.

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Accession Name


& subtaxa

Country of


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CG4 7126TOG     7126TOG RM132 87 View all "CG4" genotypes
Damongo(Wild) 5602TOG     5602TOG RM132 87 View all "Damongo(Wild)" genotypes
Dan Batta(1) 5641TOG     5641TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Batta(1)" genotypes
Dan Boto(1) 5293TOG     5293TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Boto(1)" genotypes
Dan Dauda 78-94 A 6804TOG     6804TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Dauda 78-94 A" genotypes
Dan Gande(1) 5482TOG     5482TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Gande(1)" genotypes
Dan Gashwwa 5307TOG     5307TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Gashwwa" genotypes
Dan Gyaranshe(1) 5422TOG     5422TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Gyaranshe(1)" genotypes
Dan Gyaranshe(2) 5423TOG     5423TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Gyaranshe(2)" genotypes
Dan Gyaranshe(4) 5457TOG     5457TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Gyaranshe(4)" genotypes
Dan Iri 2 5415TOG     5415TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Iri 2" genotypes
Dan Iri(2) 5447TOG     5447TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Iri(2)" genotypes
Dan Kakale 5500TOG     5500TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Kakale" genotypes
Dan Kaushi 5495TOG     5495TOG RM132 83 View all "Dan Kaushi" genotypes
Dan Maiwuya(6) 5390TOG     5390TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Maiwuya(6)" genotypes
Dan Maiwuya(8) 5508TOG     5508TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Maiwuya(8)" genotypes
Dan Manu 5474TOG     5474TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Manu" genotypes
Dan Maruya(1) 5402TOG     5402TOG RM132 87 View all "Dan Maruya(1)" genotypes
Dckono n/a     Susan McCouch stock RM132 81 View all "Dckono" genotypes
Farin Dan Boto 5456TOG     5456TOG RM132 87 View all "Farin Dan Boto" genotypes
Gambiaka n/a     Susan McCouch stock RM132 83 View all "Gambiaka" genotypes
Ganye(2) 7432TOG     7432TOG RM132 87 View all "Ganye(2)" genotypes
Gbagai 5919TOG     5919TOG RM132 87 View all "Gbagai" genotypes
Gbakiah-1 5785TOG     5785TOG RM132 84 View all "Gbakiah-1" genotypes
Gbeke-1(Late) 5775TOG     5775TOG RM132 87 View all "Gbeke-1(Late)" genotypes
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