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View Marker "chr1"

There is allele data for locus "chr1" from 5 experiments.

Title Design Polymorphism Type Allele Scoring Protocol PI(s) Comments Data
NSF Arabidopsis 2010 Project SNP Discovery; 20 ecotypes, 637522 SNPs; Clark et. al. 2007; TAIR10 SNP genotyping array D. Weigel Reference: Gramene Lit ID 16724 Show Allele Data
NSF Arabidopsis 2010 Project 250K chip, v3.04; 1179 ecotypes x 214,545 SNPs; TAIR10 SNP genotyping array M. Nordborg data released at Nordborg Lab website ( 1/27/10; TAIR8->TAIR9 mapping provided by Paul Derwent (EBI) Show Allele Data
1001 Genomes WTCHG/Mott set from dbSNP; 17 ecotypes x 2698797 SNPs; TAIR10 Short-read resequencing SNP genotyping array Richard Mott; WTCHG(Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics) Show Allele Data
Atwell et. al, Nature 2010, GWAS of 107 phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines; TAIR10 ~250K SNPs x 107 phenotpes SNP genotyping array Atwell S, et. al. Reference: Gramene Lit ID 54874 Show Allele Data
NSF Arabidopsis 2010 Project 250K chip, v3.06; 1307 ecotypes x 214,052 SNPs; TAIR10 SNP genotyping SNP genotyping array NSF 2010 Project, Magnus Nordborg, Web-release of data at February 28, 2011 Show Allele Data