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View Marker "RM207"

There is allele data for locus "RM207" from 2 experiments.

Title Design Polymorphism Type Allele Scoring Protocol PI(s) Comments Data
Evaluation of Genetic diversity in Rice Subspecies Using Microsatellite Markers 38 U.S rice cultivars and 2 wild relatives were genotyped by means of 111 genomic SSR markers SSR PCR products were size separated using ABI 377 DNA analyzer; SSR fragements sizes were estimated with GenScan software. Alleles were called manually using PCR products of IR36 as a standard. Mackill-D-J Population structure was inferred using genetic-distance method with 111 SSR markers. Reference: Ni et al., 2002. Show Allele Data
Quantitative trait loci for yield and yield components in an Oryza sativa X Oryza rufipogon BC2F2 population evaluated in an upland environment 274 BC2F2 families from the Caiapo X Oryza rufipogon (IRGC 105491) were phenotyped for 8 traits and genotyped with 125 RFLPs and SSLPs. SSR RFLP Geneotype value 1= Homozygous Caiapo; 3 = Heterozygous Caiapo/O. rufipogon., McCouch-S-R Reference: Moncada et al., 2001. Show Allele Data