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View Marker "RM252"

There is allele data for locus "RM252" from 2 experiments.

Title Design Polymorphism Type Allele Scoring Protocol PI(s) Comments Data
Genetic analysis of Indian aromatic and quality rice (Oryza sativa L.) germplasm using panels of fluorescently-labeled microsatellite markers 52 basmati and aromatic/quality and 17 indica and japonica rice varieties/accessions were genotyped using 30 SSR markers. SSR Fragment sizes were estimated with GENSCAN 672 software by the Local Southern method. Allele calling was done using GENOTYPER software. The population structure displayed is based on UPGMA clustering analysis. McCouch-S-R Reference: Jain et al., 2004. Show Allele Data
Quantitative trait loci for yield and yield components in an Oryza sativa X Oryza rufipogon BC2F2 population evaluated in an upland environment 274 BC2F2 families from the Caiapo X Oryza rufipogon (IRGC 105491) were phenotyped for 8 traits and genotyped with 125 RFLPs and SSLPs. SSR RFLP Geneotype value 1= Homozygous Caiapo; 3 = Heterozygous Caiapo/O. rufipogon., McCouch-S-R Reference: Moncada et al., 2001. Show Allele Data