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View Marker "R20"

There is allele data for locus "R20" from 2 experiments.

Title Design Polymorphism Type Allele Scoring Protocol PI(s) Comments Data
A RFLP linkage map constructed using 281 F7 recombinant inbred lines used to identify genes/QTLs conferring complete and partial resistance to blast. RI lines were used for phenotypic evaluation and genotypic analysis. RFLP RFLP Nelson-R-J Reference: G. Wang et al., 1994. Show Allele Data
Mapping quantitative trait loci associated with days to flowering and photoperiod sensitivity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) QTL analysis. Identify putative QTL assoc. with days to flowering, photoperiod response in rice. 143 RILs from CO39xMoroberekan. 127 RFLP markers. RFLP RFLP Maheswaran-M Reference: Maheswaran et al.,2000. Show Allele Data