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E.g., flower or TO:0000303.
E.g., d1 or waxy.

expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_anatomy Term "whole plant" (PO:0000003)
Term Name whole plant
Term Accession PO:0000003
Aspect plant_anatomy
Synonyms (23) bush, clonal colony, colony, f$ g )d=e(d= (Japanese), frutex, frutices, gametophyte, genet, herb, liana, planta entera (Spanish), prothalli, prothallium, prothallus, ramet, seedling, shrub, sporophyte, suffrutex, suffrutices, tree, vine, woody clump
Definition A plant structure (PO:0005679) which is a whole organism.
Comment None
Source Ontology Database The ontology browser of Plant Ontology Database
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