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E.g., flower or TO:0000303.
E.g., d1 or waxy.

expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_structure_development_stage Term "whole plant fruit ripening stage" (PO:0007010)
Term Name whole plant fruit ripening stage
Term Accession PO:0007010
Aspect plant_structure_development_stage
Synonyms (17) 08-dough stage in rice, 09-dough development in barley, 09-dough development in oat, 09-dough development in wheat, 10-dough stage in sorghum, 6 ripening in Solanaceae, 8 Bean Development in soybean, BBCH principal growth stage 8, dough stage, dough stage in maize, dough stage kernels yellowish, about 55% dry matter, fruit maturity, fruit ripening, kernel ripening, maturity of fruit and seed, rice growth stage-8, silique ripening in Arabidopsis
Definition A whole plant fruit development stage (PO:0025500) that begins when the first fruit (PO:0009001) on a whole plant (PO:0000003) begins the process of ripening (GO:0009835) in a way which, in case there are other fruits, the majority of the other fruits start to ripen continuously therewith, and ends with earliest of the following: (1) the whole plant begins a sporophyte senescent stage (PO:0007017), (2) the whole plant begins a sporophyte dormant stage (PO:0007132), or (3) all fruits on the whole plant are finished ripening.
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