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expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_structure_development_stage Term "7-8 fruit formation and maturation" (PO:0007035)
Term Name 7-8 fruit formation and maturation
Obsolete (No suggestions)
Term Accession PO:0007035
Aspect plant_structure_development_stage
Synonyms (19) 06-post-flowering in maize, 5.3 pollination in maize, 5.4 fertilization in maize, 6 post-flowering/lag phase in maize, 7 linear grain-filling in maize, 7 Pod Formation in soybean, 7-8 Fruit Formation and Maturation in soybean, 7.01-blister stage in maize, BBCH principal growth stage 7, C-embryo stage in rice, double fertilization in maize, effective filling period in maize, first silique shattered, grain-filling in maize, kernel watery ripe, lag phase in maize, post-flowering in maize, proembryo in maize, R1in maize
Definition OBSOLETE. This stage refers to the developmental and physiological changes that occur in the whole plant after fertilization and during fruit development, maturation, and provisioning.
Comment None
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