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E.g., flower or TO:0000303.
E.g., d1 or waxy.

expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_structure_development_stage Term "whole plant fruit formation stage" (PO:0007042)
Term Name whole plant fruit formation stage
Term Accession PO:0007042
Aspect plant_structure_development_stage
Synonyms (19) 07-milk stage in rice, 08-milk development in barley, 08-milk development in oat, 08-milk development in wheat, 5 fruit formation in Solanaceae, 6.01-dilatory in maize, 6.02-exponential in maize, 6.1 dilatory in maize, 6.2 exponential in maize, dilatory in maize, exponential in maize, free nuclear in maize, milk grain, milk stage in rice, mitotic in maize, proembryo in maize, rice growth stage-7, transition stage in maize, Zadok scale-70
Definition A whole plant fruit development stage (PO:0025500) that begins when a fruit (PO:0009001) on a whole plant (PO:0000003) that is not currently participating in a whole plant fruit development stage begins a fruit initiation stage (PO:0025503) and ends with the onset of a whole plant fruit ripening stage (PO:0007010).
Comment None
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