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expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_structure_development_stage Term "LP.06 six leaves visible stage" (PO:0007123)
Term Name LP.06 six leaves visible stage
Term Accession PO:0007123
Aspect plant_structure_development_stage
Synonyms (23) 03-tillering stage in rice, 1.06 5th trifoliolate leaf unfolded in soybean, 2 tassel initiation/early whorl stage in maize, 2.07-six leaves unfolded in Triticeae, 3.01-ear initiation in maize, 3.1 ear initiation/mid-whorl stage in maize, 6 leaves unfolded, 6 rosette leaf in Arabidopsis, 6-8 leaves in maize, 6-leaf in maize, BBCH growth stage 16, ear initiation in maize, early whorl stage in maize, LP.06 six leaves visible in Solanaceae, maize growth stage-3.1, mid-whorl stage in maize, rice growth stage-3, six rosette leaves, sixth leaf unfolded, Stage V5 in soybean, Triticeae six leaves unfolded, V6 in maize, Zadok scale-16, Haun scale-5.+
Definition The stage at which leaves at six nodes, other than the cotyledonary node, are visible above ground.
Comment None
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