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expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_trait_ontology Term "fungal infection related grain discoloration" (TO:0000023)
Term Name fungal infection related grain discoloration
Term Accession TO:0000023
Aspect plant_trait_ontology
Synonyms (2) Gd, grain discoloration
Definition Causal agent: species of Sarocladium, Bipolaris, Alternaria, Gerlachia, Fusarium, Phoma, Curvularia, Trichoconiella and Psaudomonas etc. Symptoms: darkening of glumes of spikelets, brown color to black including rotten glumes caused by one or more pathogens. Intensity ranges from sporadic discoloration to discoloration of the whole glume. Severity of grain discoloration can be estimated by counting of grains with more than 25% of glume surface affected.
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