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expand all sections collapse all sections  plant_trait_ontology Term "pollen sterility" (TO:0000053)
Term Name pollen sterility
Term Accession TO:0000053
Aspect plant_trait_ontology
Synonyms (0) None.
Definition Observed under a microscope at magnification 10x10 after staining with 1% iodine potassium iodide (IKI) solution. Samples for pollen are collected from anthers and fixed in 70% alcohol. Two-three anthers are extracted from each floret and pollens are squeezed out into the IKI solution drop. At least three fields are used to count the sterile pollens viz. unstained withered, unstained spherical and partially stained round and fertile pollens from stained round. Percentage sterility is calculated as = (unstained withered+unstained spherical+partially stained) x 100/total number of pollens in the field including the fertile.
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