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E.g., flower or TO:0000303.
E.g., d1 or waxy.

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Term Accession Aspect Term Name Synonyms Definition
EO:0007017 plant_environment_ontology Cyperus difformis flatsedge, smallflower umbrellaplant The exposure of reference/experimental plant to monocot plant Cyperus difformis, found in its growth environment. Thi...
GAZ:00048127 GAZ Flowerpot Island An island in Georgian Bay, and is a part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park of Ontario, Canada.
GAZ:00050081 GAZ Flower Island An island in San Juan County.
GAZ:00055803 GAZ Shoshone Lava Field The westernmost of the young lava fields of the Snake River Plain. It lies north of Twin Falls, Idaho and created an ...
GAZ:00058341 GAZ Valley of Flowers National Park A national park in the Himalayan area in Uttarakhand, India. A World Heritage Site.
GAZ:00069747 GAZ Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park Flowerpot Rocks {alternative name} A provincial park in New Brunswick.
GAZ:00071951 GAZ Town of Flower's Cove  
GAZ:00079956 GAZ Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute BARI A research institute, conducting research on a large number of crops, such as cereals, tubers, pulses, oilseeds, vege...
GAZ:00082874 GAZ Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary A national marine sanctuary in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, located roughly 170 km south of Sabine Pass, Louisiana.
GAZ:00082876 GAZ West Flower Garden Bank Coral reefs forming on an uplifted Jurassic salt dome.
GAZ:00082877 GAZ East Flower Garden Bank Coral reefs forming on an uplifted Jurassic salt dome.
GAZ:00139798 GAZ Dater Glacier A steep valley glacier in Antarctica, 38 km long and from 1.6 km to 4.8 km wide, flowing NE in a sinuous course from ...
GAZ:00146915 GAZ Hopewell Rocks Flowerpot Rocks {alternative name} Rock formations caused by tidal erosion. They are located on the shores of the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy at H...
GAZ:00147646 GAZ Isle of Purbeck A peninsula, is in the county of Dorset, England. It is bordered by the English Channel to the south and east, where ...
GAZ:00150600 GAZ River Tone A river in Somerset, that flows through Taunton and joins the River Parrett. The River Tone is about 34 km long. It r...
GAZ:00151673 GAZ Sunflower County A county located in the State of Mississippi. The county seat is Indianola.
GAZ:00158848 GAZ Lake Flower Newell's Pond An artificial lake in Franklin County, New York in the Adirondacks; it was created by damming the Saranac River. Cons...
GAZ:00164063 GAZ City of Indianola A city in Sunflower County, Mississippi, United States.
GAZ:00164088 GAZ Sunflower Wildlife Management Area A protected area.
GAZ:00170190 GAZ Van Hoosear Wildflower Preserve A private nature reserve on Carriger Creek in southern Sonoma County, California, USA.
GAZ:00172841 GAZ Pequop Mountains A mountain range in Elko County, Nevada. The range is comprised of two distinct groups of mountains, separated by a l...
GAZ:00173009 GAZ Flowery Range A mountain range in Storey County, Nevada.
GAZ:00191506 GAZ Blanket Flower Prairie Scientific and Natural Area A protected area located in Clay County Twp 137N Rng 44W Sec 11.
GAZ:00203493 GAZ Bellflower Township A township of McLean County, IL.
GAZ:00205128 GAZ Flowerfield Creek A tributary of Rock River.