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Download bulk data sets

SNP Genotype data from resequencing projects

DOWNLOAD data sets in the hapmap, plink (map, ped), or flapjack format:
FLAPJACK is a genotype visualization tool developed by the Plant Bioinformatics Group at the The James Hutton Institute. Gramene Diversity SNP datasets have been converted to Flapjack project files which can be downloaded above and loaded in to Flapjack running on your machine. Download Flapjack.
PLINK files are provided for those who wish to analyze our data in the PLINK whole-genome analysis toolset.
HAPMAP files are formatted in a standard developed by the International HapMap Project.

Complete MySQL database downloads

Download complete Diversity data sets can be downloaded as full MySQL database dumps from the Gramene FTP site. (Gramene Genetic Diversity databases are contained in filenames, 'diversity_*').