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The Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Connection (GDPC) Browser tool

The Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Connection (GDPC) Browser tool, a project of the Buckler Lab, is an advanced search and data management utility. The standalone Java GDPC Browser provides advanced users a platform for performing complicated query and data filtering steps directly with the Diversity database. For much more information about GDPC and the GDPC Browser, please see the official GDPC documentation and the GDPC Browser tutorial.

GDPC is currently configured to run with all Diversity rice, maize and wheat datasets. To launch GDPC with these datasets, click on one of the following:

Launch GDPC with Diversity Rice
Launch GDPC with Diversity Maize
Launch GDPC with Diversity Wheat

Note: Launching the GDPC Browser requires Java version 5.0 and Java Web Start. Java Web Start is bundled with Java version 5.0. If you are unsure which download to choose, the latest update of the "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0" will likely be what you need. To download go to: