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Gramene Proteins Database Help Document

Proteins search/browse options

A. Quick Search

B. Advanced Search

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box. Use "*" for a wildcard, as described above for "Quick Search".
  2. Select the field to search for this term. Options include:
    • Accession
    • Protein_ID(PID)
    • GenBank ID(GI)
    • Cultivar
    • All Fields
  3. Select the species from a list of available species to search. In the species list only the major cereal crops are listed. If your species of interest is not in that list please select "All Poaceae family".
  4. Click on the search icon

C. Search by Pfam or PROSITE

D. Browse by GO Slim - Gene Ontology

Proteins Search Results

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Last modified on Sept 10, 2007