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Gramene Markers Database

E.g., "OA_BBa0071H05,c0346J09", "rm*", Oat RFLPs like "CDO*", or view help.

The markers database shows basic information about the different markers used for mapping. The exact information displayed depends on the marker type, but all markers will display the marker name, synonyms, source species, and a listing of map positions.

Markers Search or Browse Options

Home Page: Introduction and Quick search - Search the markers database by keyword. Use the symbol * for wild card search (e.g. examples).
Markers Search: From this page you can browse by marker type, or your keyword search can be restricted to any one marker type, and/or species.
Browse Map Sets: From this page you can browse by map set, and optionally restrict by map type (genetic, QTL, etc) and/or species. Select "view" to view the map set info.


SSR Markers Resource Links to the SSRIT Tool, the Panel of 50 standard SSR markers used by the Generation Challenge Program for rice diversity analysis, the Table of SSR Primers from McCouch et al. (2002), Supplementary tables from IRGSP (2005) publication, and other references and downloadable information.
Microarray Probes Lists the microarray data sets available in Gramene.
Help Presents an overview on how to use the Markers database and lists explanations of field names.
Tutorial More in-depth than the help pages, use the tutorial for an exaple of using the database, see how it integrates other datasets, and get tips to increase your data search efficiency.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - see what questions users have asked, and get the developers' answers.
Release Notes For more information about the most recent release.


For a list of data contributors, please see Collaborators and Contributors.