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Microsatellite Markers

For your convenience, we have listed below some useful hyperlinks to references and downloadable information about rice microsatellite (SSR) markers.

  1. SSRIT - The Simple Sequence Repeat Identification Tool identifies perfect simple sequence repeats (SSRs) in any given sequence(s). If you find this tool useful, we kindly request that you cite Temnykh et al. (2001).

  2. Panel of 50 standard SSR markers used by the Generation Challenge Program for rice diversity analysis.

  3. Table of SSR Primers from McCouch et al. (2002)
    The table is extremely large. Please be patient while it loads.

  4. Supplementary tables from IRGSP (2005) publication:

  5. All Gramene SSRs (19,480) in

  6. References and downloadable information:

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