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  Coffee Metabolic Pathways: CoffeaCyc Mirror

Pathway Database
CoffeaCyc ver 1.1.1
Organism: Coffea canephora (Coffee)
Genome data: Coffee Unigenes from Solanaceae Genomics Network
Original site: SolCyc
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Database Summary
Cellular Overview
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Download a copy of the CoffeaCyc database in BioCyc format for your local use. In order to run a local copy of CoffeaCyc you need to get a licensed copy of the Pathway Tools developed by the  SRI International.
Developed and curated by
Solanaceae Genomics Network
None availablef.

Developed by the Solanaceae Genomics Network, CoffeaCyc is a catalog of known and/or predicted biochemical pathways from tomato (Capsicum annuum).

If you notice any problems or errors on the pathways, please send a message to CoffeaCyc curators or by clicking the 'Feedback' button at the top right corner of this page or on the bottom of the respective pathway display page.


Mirror database kindly provided by Solanaceae Genomics Network

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