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Oryza Zea Triticum Hordeum Avena Setaria Pennisetum Secale Sorghum Zizania Brachypodium
wild rice
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Cereals Introduction |  Cereal Statistics
Photos by Molly Fogleman, except the Pennisetum seeds, which were contributed by Rebecca Nelson, and the Brachypodium which are from USDA-ARS.

All Cereals:  

The following tree depicts the relationship of the grass species that Gramene currently contains in its database. This tree is not meant to represent the entire phylogeny of the grass family and note that the distances in the tree are not based on any scientific measurements. To view a more complete tree, please refer to Evolutionary History of the Grasses.

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***Bennett, M., et al., 2000. "Nuclear DNA Amounts in Angiosperms and their Modern Uses - 807 New Estimates." Annals of Botany, v86, 859-909. (Gramene Reference ID 8393)

All photos are by Molly Fogleman, except where otherwise noted.
Gramene is happy to allow the use of its photographs for educational purposes, provided the name of the photographer and the address of the webpage from which it was copied are cited.