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Barley Recipes

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Tuna Barley Salad*

from Claire Hebbard, Gramene

16 oz pearled barley (quick barley works best because it is less sticky)
2 - 3 cans tuna in water (do not drain)
1 large onion, diced
1 cup Salad Dressing or Mayonaise (more or less to taste)
1/4 cup Hidden Valley Ranch Light salad dressing.

*This recipe is the same as Tuna-Macaroni salad, simply substituting the barley for the macaroni. Optionally you may add celery, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Cook barley according to package directions. Add tuna (with water) and onion to barley while it is still hot, mix thoroughly and let set 10 minutes. Mix in the dressings, using more or less to your own preferences. Chill before serving (but it is also good while still warm.)