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Gramene Oryza Queries

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Pre-designed Gramene database queries for rice breeders and researchers

Show me all the markers that start with "RM."

Show me all the QTL associated with "biotic stress."

Show me all available information associated with the "dwarf" gene.

What are the best maps to use to compare rice to maize?

How can I find information on a QTL from an article I read recently on rice quality, and estimate its position on the rice genome?

How do I obtain the peptide sequence of a rice protein?

How many copies of my gene of interest are there in the rice genome and where are they located?

What are the predicted exon / intron boundaries for a gene of interest?

Are there any ESTs or full length mRNAs for a particular gene in rice and if so, how many and where are they from?

Are there any Tos 17 mutations in a gene of interest?