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Foxtail Millet Research

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Foxtail millet research and breeding has been limited since the major research done in Asia between 1930 and 1965 (2). Research into the nutritional values of the millets for humans is still new (9).

Diseases that affect foxtail millet include leaf and head blast disease, smut disease, green ear, mildew, bacterial blight, leaf spots, yield improvement, and niche markets such as grain color and head size (for wild and caged birds) (1, 2, 6, 8). Specifically of importance for US growers, foxtail millet contributes to problems in wheat for wheat curl mite and wheat streak mosaic, so resistance to these problems helps limit foxtail millet's contamination of the significant nearby wheat crop (2).

Natural pests include grasshoppers, armyworms, birds and rodents (6, 2, 8).

For more information on current research in the millets, see:

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