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Maize Illustrations

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Drawings by Nicholas Polato
All images are copyrighted.

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Ear - The distal part of a lateral (axillary) branch in Zea that bears the functionally-carpellate florets in a highly contracted inflorescence

Husk leaf - The leaf subtending an ear of corn and acting as outer envelope of the ear

Cob - The inflorescence axis of the ear

Shank - The stalk of a maize ear below the lowest ear node

Kernel - The seed-bearing structure in angiosperms, formed from the ovary after flowering

Silk - The style of a maize floret

Tassel - The functionally-staminate flowering structure that terminates the stem of a Zea mays plant

Tassel rachis - The inflorescence axis of the tassel

Tassel branch - Any branch forming from the primary or higher order tassel axes

Tassel spikelet - Ultimate inflorescence branch of the maize tassel

Tassel peduncle - The axis of a maize tassel below the lowest tassel node