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Outreach - Workshop Materials and Exercises

Tutorials and presentations on the Gramene database are conducted throughout the year. However, these are often very broad overviews of the Gramene database, so upon request specific exercises may be created to guide users through the process of answering specific questions.

Please also keep in mind that with 4 updates to the database a year, the results you may find for these exercises may be different than shown.

Here are some more indepth exercises answering specific questions:

The Gramene Project at the XXI Plant and Animal Genomes (PAG) Conference (1/13).

Gramene Workshop for new and experienced users featuring an overview of Gramene's resources for comparative plant genomic and gene expression analyses, the Plant Reactome pathways database, and a demo on the uniquely organized barley genome.

June 2007 RCN Ontology Workshop at Cold Spring Harbor lab. (materials pending)

Maize Genetics Conference (3/07)

PDF files of posters and presentation. No exercises.

Genomics and its Impact on Society (Cornell's Educators' Professional Development Day) (3/07)

Gramene participated in a workshop for area high school teachers. The comparative genomics presentation, exercise and resource handout are available here. The exercise was shortened and updated from the RiceCAP 2006 workshop.

RiceCAP 2006 Workshop (6/06)

Introduction to databases. Tips for working with Databases. Exercises - Conducting searches, finding QTL and markers. Searching "milling yield" in Gramene, the importance of ontologies, mapping QTL, finding associated markers, get marker information (primers, annealing temp, PCR images). Introduction to Diversity and Pathway databases.
RTWG 2006 Workshop and Poster (2/06)
Gramene workshop for new and novice users. Workshop presented a background on genetics and bioinformatics databases, Gramene website navigation, an example of a database search on the Pi-ta gene, and an exercise on milling yield.
PAG XIV Workshop and Posters (1/06)
Workshop Presentation on Navigation of the new Gramene website, an Overview of the modules, tutorials and other "Help" resources, and an Exercise to: 1) Map a cloned rice blast resistance gene to its putative location in the rice genome, and 2) compare its position to that of other mapped resistance genes.
Cereal Genomics Workshop (9/05)
Imagine you are a plant breeder interested in working with specific trait (for example, drought tolerance).

Exercise 1: What term will you search for? What information can be gathered on this trait and how was this information obtained? Why might I search more than one term? How are the databases (modules) interconnected?

Exercise 2: How can genetic information on rice help me if I'm working with a different species (sorghum, maize, etc.) And how do I get this information?
RCN Workshop: Development and Implemention of Ontologies in the Database (1/05)
Ontology Exercises - What are the ontology types? Why are there different types? How can I find a term and it's definition. What proteins, genes and phenotypes are associated through this term? What species are in your database? How are these concepts anotated in literature?